Downhole tools & downhole completion equipment

Image of well heads completing a frac, utilizing downhole completions tools including Frac plugs

Precision and reliability

Our product lines are designed, engineered, and manufactured for consistent reliability. Robust and reliable downhole completion equipment reduces your risk profile and helps you improve safety and efficiency at your job site, all at a fair price.

We design, engineer, and manufacture all of the downhole tools we deliver and install. We operate with unmatched flexibility, and we keep a centralized inventory of downhole completion equipment in every major U.S. basin. This makes it easy for us to pivot alongside you when your plans unexpectedly change.

No frac plug is perfect, but we aim for pretty damn close. Every frac plug in the PurpleSeal™ product line operates at top efficiency at deployment. Each one is simple and intuitive so technicians at every level can succeed, proven by over 175,000 runs and backed by industry-leading customer service that can send technicians to your well site in four hours or less. No call-out charges, no hidden delivery or service fees—and we always pick up the phone.

Downhole tools and completion equipment.
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The best frac’n tools In the field

At Repeat Precision, we design, engineer, manufacture, and deliver game-changing plug-and-perf downhole tools. Our products are known for more than just their purple seal—they’re also the best in the business. With our help, you’re going to like the way you frac. We guarantee it.


Integrated Tools
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Combine the best Repeat Precision has to offer with our integrated plug-and-perf tools

  • FracSure Express - PurpleSeal™ Frac Plug & PurpleSet Setting Tool
  • FracSure Max - PurpleSeal™ Frac Plug + PurpleSet Setting Tool + PurpleFire Guns


Setting Tools
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Compact, single-use setting tools for safe, easy well site operations

  • PurpleSet - Single-Use Frac Plug Setting Tool
  • PurpleSet - Forcellant Power Charges


Perforating Guns
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The single-source factory-to-field perforating gun solution

  • PurpleFire - Perforating Guns


Frac Plugs
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High-strength, composite frac plugs that run fast, hold a seal, and drill out in minutes

  • PurpleSeal™ PS-C Composite Frac Plug
  • PurpleSeal™ Misrun Contingency Device
  • PurpleSeal™ Composite Bridge Plug

Proven, precise performance

We aren’t just the best at what we do—we’re the only ones who can do it.

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