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Deformed Casing Pressure Test

PurpleSeal™ frac plugs proved to anchor in deformed casing, meeting 5% ovality and 10,000 psi treatment pressure requirements.


Oval casing is a proxy for deformed casing. There are many mechanisms that can contribute to casing deformation and not all are well understood. Operators have some risk mitigation techniques but most operators expect casing deformation at some frequency. There is a need for slimmer frac plugs that pass through deformed casing sections and even anchor and seal in deformed casing.

Repeat Precision developed the 3.40” and 4.25” PurpleSeal frac plug sizes for these needs. They are slimmer tools which can be RIH faster at the same risk level as their larger brothers, the 3.60” and 4.38” PurpleSeal frac plugs. These slim plugs are proven; they’ve been called out to location to address many wells with tight spots. A question was, can they anchor in deformed casing?

A warehouse where a deformed casing pressure test took place.


Develop and run a test with deformed casing where a load is applied to the casing throughout the test much as it would be down hole. Set the frac plug in the deformed casing and complete a pressure test while the load is continuously applied and monitored.  


The 360 PSC was tested in 4.5”13.5 ppf casing and the 340 PSC was tested in 4.5” 15.1 ppf casing.  The oval casing tests were performed twice in each size case, once at 2.5% ovality and once at 5% ovality.

In all four test cases the PSC plugs held 10,000 psi for one hour in deformed casing.  Upon post-test inspection the 2.5% ovality tests revealed little difference from typical tests.  Slips and cones from 5% ovality tests had evidence of uneven loading; the peak pressure capability of the plug was compromised however PurpleSeal plugs still met the max treatment pressure requirement of 10,000 psi.

Pressure Level: 10 KSI

Duration: 1 Hour

Ovality Measurements: 2.5% and 5.0%

Setting Force: 25,000 lbs

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  • The PurpleSeal PS-C all-composite plug with ceramic buttons. A combination of filament wound and compression molded composite materials for consistently fast drill-out times.


  • Excellent drill outs – based on the run data, the consensus among operators is that the PurpleSeal composite frac plugs drill out faster and cleaner than others currently on the market. 
  • Successful plug deployment – high run-in speeds, less pump-down water volume, and extremely low instances of pre-sets. 
  • Great customer service – will dispatch personnel to the location in under four hours, free of charge. 
  • Affordable pricing – low cost-to-value ratio. 
  • No hidden fees – do not charge mileage, service, or environmental fees (waste disposal). 
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