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Image of well heads completing a frac, utilizing downhole completions tools including Frac plugs
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Marcellus Basin Lateral Well

Completing a 19,585-foot lateral well in Pennsylvania


CNX Resources took on the challenge of completing a 19,585-ft lateral well in the Marcellus Basin, the longest in Pennsylvania history. Because of its proximity to an active coal mine, limiting natural gas intrusion was critical in case a hydraulic fracture breached the mine.

Image of drilling a lateral well in Pennsylvania, located in the Marcellus Basin.


To deal with the potential natural gas intrusion, CNX and Repeat Precision decided to alternate between 43 PurpleSeal™ frac plugs and 45 PurpleSeal™ bridge plugs. This design ensured that there would be extra protection, from above and below, throughout the length of the well.

The well was completed without any short trips or motor stalls, and all 88 PurpleSeal™ plugs were drilled out in a single run. Plug debris sizes remained small from the first plug to the last, and drill times averaged less than 13 minutes per plug.

Number of plugs
43 PurpleSeal™ frac plugs and 45 PurpleSeal™ bridge plugs

Drill-out time
13 minute average

Wash time
27 minute average

Lateral length
19,586 ft

5-1/2-in., 23 lb/ft

Work string
Jointed tubing

Drill bit
Varel SRP4


  • The PurpleSeal™ all-composite plug with powder metal buttons contains less than 1% metal for a consistently fast drill-out time.
  • The PurpleSeal™ composite bridge plug with hybrid slips seals against 10,000 PSI of pressure from above and 8,000 PSI from below.


  • Better drill-outs than any other product on the market
  • Successful plug deployment with high run-in speeds, less water, and fewer pre-sets
  • Dedicated customer service with free on-location dispatch within four hours
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