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Permian Basin Lateral Well

Drilling out 104 frac plugs in one 88-hour trip


Repeat Precision optimized the plug-and-perf efficiency for a large oil and gas company in the Permian Basin, with a focus on reducing cost, running and drill-out times, and the risk of failure for extended-reach lateral applications.

The PurpleSeal™ all-composite frac plugs were used for drilling the Permian Basin lateral well in Texas.


We used the PurpleSeal™ all-composite frac plug, which is rated up to 10,000 PSI and has proprietary high-strength composite materials to ensure uniform performance and durability. Interlocking castellations on the slips and end caps and a contoured slip-to-cone interface eliminates component rotation to ensure even, concentric slip expansion. With minimal metallic content (approximately 1%), PurpleSeal™ frac plugs consistently drill out in 8 minutes or less.

Immediately after the fracturing operation was successfully completed, the operator drilled out more than 100 composite frac plugs in a single trip in less than 88 hours. No motor stalls were reported, and plug debris size was ideal and consistent from the first plug to the last.

After the job, the bit showed normal wear on the inserts. PurpleSeal™ frac plugs delivered similar drill-out performance in four additional wells on the same pad. The same drilling BHA and procedure were used for all the wells.

Number of plugs: 98 PurpleSeal™ plugs

Total drill-out time: Less than 88 hours

PurpleSeal™ plug drill-out time: 6.5 minutes average

PurpleSeal™ plug wash time: 27 minute average

Lateral length: 10,270 ft

Casing: 5-1/2-in., 20 lb/ft

Work string: Threaded pipe with a 3-1/8-in. downhole motor

Drill bit: Taurex 4-5/8-in. JZ Bore Haug™ tri-cone bit

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  • Better drill-outs than any other product on the market
  • Successful plug deployment with high run-in speeds, less water, and fewer pre-sets
  • Dedicated customer service with free on-location dispatch within four hours
  • Affordable pricing with no hidden costs for mileage, service, or waste disposal
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