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Frac plug drill out success in long lateral

Success found in drilling out 262 PS-C composite frac plugs in 154 hours achieved by Repeat Precision. Delve into this innovative downhole solution.


In Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Basin, a major operator drilled a three-mile lateral constructed with 6” 24# production casing measuring 23,938 ft (MD) and a lateral length of 15,672 ft. The greatest challenge that completions teams face when dealing with long lateral sections is the plug drill out. Therefore, the plug selection for this situation was critical for obtaining a clean and effortless drill out.

An equally important aspect of an operation this extreme is protecting vital bit, sub and motor components to ensure the BHA can withstand the harsh trip through 262 composite frac plugs. With the specific goal of a single-trip drill out in mind, the operator, Repeat Precision, Taurex Drill Bits and Workover Solutions devised a plan that would lead to an operational first in the completions space.

Taurex’s JZ completion bit after drilling out 262 PurpleSeal™ frac plugs.


Once the plug selection and stage spacing were finalized in the completion program, Workover Solutions proposed using patented BitSavR technology, WOS-engineered an manufactured POWR Motors, and WOS-developed AV sub to accomplish the single-trip drill out. Taurex selected one of their patented premium line JZ completions bits to accomplish the single-trip drill out. These technologies paired with the PurpleSeal™ PS-C all composite frac plug created the optimal scenario to achieve an industry first – a single trip drill out of 262 frac plugs.


The drill out consisted of using a Deep Well snubbing unit, patented WOS BitSavR technology, WOS-engineered and manufactured POWR Motors, and WOS-developed AV sub, and a Taurex JZ completion bit. The entire drill-out was completed in a single trip lasting approximately 6-1⁄2 days.

As result of a controlled WOB approach, no short trips and minimal motor stalls were reported. After the job, Taurex utilized their patented BitVision™ technology to verify that the bit maintained a 24% effective cutting structure with all cones and bearings intact. This project proved to be a tremendous success and was repeated three more times in the subsequent wells on the same pad totaling 261, 259 and 255 stages each.

Number of plugs
262 PurpleSeal PS-C all composite plugs with ceramic buttons

Total trip time
Less than 154 hours

PurpleSeal™ plug drill-out time
16.9 min average

PurpleSeal™ plug wash time
18.4 min average

Lateral length
15,672 ft

6-in., 24 lb/ft

Drill bit
Taurex’s JZ completion bit


  • The PurpleSeal™ PS-C all composite plug ceramic buttons. Zero metal content paired with interlocking components for consistently fast drill-out times.


  • Excellent drill outs – mix of compression molded and filament wound components for a debris profile that is fine, lightweight, and avoids large-sized debris, even in challenging low-pressure wells
  • Efficient plug deployment – pump down fin included with every plug (saves 25% more fluid each pump down versus competitors)
  • Impeccable isolation – over one inch of seal engagement with casing when set paired with patented element backup mechanism that prevents casing erosion damage caused by seal extrusion failures
  • No speed restrictions – go fast while pumping
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CASE STUDY: Frac plug drill out success in long lateral
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