Meet the MCD: Your Misrun Insurance Policy

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June 7, 2023
Austin, Texas

Repeat Precision is proud to introduce the Misrun Contingency Device (MCD) as an added feature on the PurpleSeal™ Frac Plug—the first of its kind in the fracturing industry.

One of the most recognizable frac plugs on the market, PurpleSeal™ is known for its zero-metal, all-composite design, clean drill-outs, and signature purple rubber seal. The MCD is adapted to the PurpleSeal™ plug as a no-added-cost insurance policy in the event of a misrun.

If an operation is accustomed to the efficiency of running ball in place, but subject to the risks low-pressure formations present in the event of a misrun, the MCD is the rare ‘have your cake and eat it too’ solution. Besides the frac-side benefits, the MCD doesn’t compromise the length of the PurpleSealTM or add unwanted parts or materials to drill through and flow to surface – in a low-pressure formation, nonetheless.

“The most extreme ‘I lost all my guns after shooting the plug’ misruns happen roughly once every 500 to 600 runs, in my experience,” says Collin Shaw, Vice President of Repeat Precision. “They aren’t frequent, but they can be a huge drain on time and resources. A single misrun can cost an operation 8 to 24 hours of non-productive frac time, $50,000 to $150,000 in intervention costs, and increased time to production for those wells.”

The MCD has gone through rigorous lab testing to prove performance in the field.

“While there are a few similar products to the MCD in the field, many are taken to market primarily based on rough calculations that supports the design case. Of course this validation is important, but we have gone a step further and tested functionality through a third-party administered flow regime. We did our due diligence and the MCD is ready to add to the PurpleSeal as a standard feature.”

- Grant Martin, President of Repeat Precision

The MCD provides a value-added upgrade to the PurpleSeal™ and continues to ensure flawless performance downhole. The PurpleSeal™ continues to pack best-in-class sealing and casing conformity as proven by laboratory pressure testing, has no run-in-hole speed limits, and averages 25% less water than competing plugs during pump-down.

“It’s still the same PurpleSeal,” says Shaw. “It has all the same benefits, everything our customers are used to seeing out in the field. The entire plug is exactly the same and functions the same excellent way that it always has. Now it just has this one small feature that makes a big difference.”

Repeat Precision is the single-source, factory-to-field solution for plug and perf operations. Get the same PurpleSeal™ Frac Plug you know and trust, now available with the Misrun Contingency Device.

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