Adam Curry

Adam Curry is the District & Sales Manager, Appalachian Region, at Repeat Precision. He earned his B.S. in Psychology from Penn State University in 1997 and his B.A. in Business Logistics in 2001.

He started working in the oil and gas industry as a business development and region manager for Rockwater’s chemical division in August 2013. Adam then went to work for Downhole Technology as a business development manager in July 2015 before finally landing at Repeat Precision in April 2018.

As a district manager, Adam oversees daily operations and manages operators’ inventory needs to ensure they receive the products and services they require. He also brings in new business on the sales side by meeting with potential customers, understanding their operational needs, and finalizing a deal for Repeat Precision’s product offering.

Adam works at Repeat Precision because of the management and the culture. The company is in no way stagnant with products and developments—it’s continuously implementing new technology, introducing engineering improvements, and adding new products to its repertoire. He feels it’s an exciting company to work for.

Adam also enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling whenever possible, and exploring what this exciting world has to offer, from skiing to scuba diving.

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