Setting Tool Compatibility: 4 Ways Repeat Precision Is Changing the Game

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April 17, 2024
Austin, Texas

Is your disposable setting tool 100% compatible with both your frac plug and your perf gun? And we don’t just mean the fit. When you combine your tools into a single string—whether they’re from a single brand or several—you can’t lose any power or efficiency in the process.

At Repeat Precision, we keep a close eye on those technical details. We don’t believe in passing off that responsibility to the customer, the completion engineer, or the wireline company. By designing, engineering, and manufacturing all of our tools in-house, we make sure they’re as powerful together as they are apart.

These are just a few of the details we’ve improved to optimize PurpleSet™ setting tools and make your completion hassle-free.

1. Tool Size

Smaller isn’t always better. Short setting tools typically do not have the damping stages that provide a buffer from the energy created by the power charge and the force put into the frac plug. Simpler tools and limited footprint often mean smaller piston designs which increase the amount of energy required to shear tools from the end of the BHA. This over-abundance of energy can create compatibility issues with improperly designed firing heads and under-rated bulkheads in perforating guns. PurpleSet™ setting tools are designed to appreciate this balance of power and are designed to accommodate wider ranges of setting forces without compromising the integrity of other tools in the system.

2. Tool Power

Most disposable setting tools need a crossover component that lets it connect to ever increasing numbers of perf guns and frac plugs. This crossover component has a trade-off—it creates additional air volume in the area where we need to generate and focus pressure. With only so much room for energetics, this added air can affect the power of your setting tool. But PurpleSet™ isn’t like other tools. By reducing the air space inside the setting tool, we’ve optimized the power that PurpleSet™ can deliver.

3. Dampening Rings

Everyone knows that setting tools can kick harder than Cristiano Ronaldo (yes, even our extra-compact tools). This level of force can cause electronic failures in guns and BRTs that delay operations while you reset. Wellbore fluids and hydrostatic pressure can provide a certain amount of dampening, but it’s not always enough to offset a tool’s stroke. We added new dampening rings to PurpleSet™ to manage that risk and keep your perf guns and BRTs protected.

4. Shear Screw Remnant

After shearing the setting tool preset screws, they are ejected from their seat and left in the hole. We’ve heard a few customers say this causes stickiness pulling out of the hole. It may be industry standard, but that’s not good enough for industry leaders. So we made some adjustments to our design to ensure there’s no remnant left. When that screw shears, it’s like you were never there.

We don’t rest on our reputation, even though we know we’ve earned it. Instead, we’re iterating on our products every day. There are always new features and upgrades that bring you more value and ensure you’re getting the best completion possible.

Want to get compatible setting tools, perf guns, and frac plugs from a single provider? The FracSure Max is a single integrated tool that combines all three downhole tools into one plug-and-perf solution. Get all of the convenience with none of the failure potential. Contact us for more details.

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