Downhole Solutions: 3 Ways Repeat Precision Powers Your Completion

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June 1, 2023
Austin, Texas

Repeat Precision is one of only two companies in the fracturing industry that can deliver a complete downhole consumable solution. Find out how three uniquely integrated product lines can meet a range of operational needs.

1. Solutions for plug and perf operations

The single-source factory-to-field solution provider Repeat Precision introduces two separate product integrations for plug and perf operations: FracSure Max and FracSure Express.

The FracSure Max solution integrates three high-performance downhole tools, all designed, manufactured, and assembled in-house by Repeat Precision:

  • The best-in-class PurpleSeal™ frac plug, the industry’s most recognizable plug for low-pressure drill-outs
  • The ready-to-run PurpleFire perforating gun, which comes pre-assembled to help eliminate safety hazards and misruns
  • The single-use PurpleSet disposable setting tool, which boasts over 300,000 successful runs in the field

These products fit together in a single modular assembly for a smooth and simple completion. For operators who need a more streamlined plug and setting tool option, the FracSure Express solution comes with the PurpleSeal™ frac plug and PurpleSet setting tool, allowing for any perf gun in the assembly.

Both the FracSure Max and FracSure Express solutions are factory assembled to ensure quality, which helps avoid on-site redress and short stroking setting tools while minimizing make-up length, allowing for more clusters per run.

2. Turnkey toe rep solutions

Sourcing equipment for toe rep operations can be challenging due to the need for specialized first-stage fracturing products—but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s what operators can get with a single phone call to Repeat Precision:

  • Access to specialized, fully disposable tools that aren’t commonly available from a single source
  • High-quality products that address the technical specifications and compatibility for any operation
  • The ability to meet onsite and equipment safety standards
  • Reduced lead times and streamlined sourcing from one provider
  • Product delivery directly to the well site

3. Risk-free solutions for wireline supply

For wireline companies, supplying tools and materials can be a high-risk operational requirement with an even higher cost for remediation if something goes wrong. Skip the risk with well-known, industry-trusted products that all fit together and are supported by a single product partner—one who stands behind the quality of our work.

Wireline operators who partner with Repeat Precision can expect:

  • High-quality, cost-effective products backed by an established supplier
  • Specialized equipment tailored for wireline operations
  • Supply hubs in all major basins to allow for broad geographic distribution
  • Transportation logistics for delivery to even the most challenging environments
  • Alignment with regulatory compliance and industry standards

Interested in Repeat Precision’s downhole solutions? Contact us for headache-free product sourcing and high-speed procurement.

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