PurpleSeal™ PS-X All-Composite Frac Plug

Our top-of-the line, high-performance frac plug.

PurpleSeal™ PS-X by Repeat Precision

PurpleSeal™ PS-X All-Composite Frac Plug

No Slip Frac Plugs

The PurpleSeal™ PS-X is an all-composite frac plug with powdered-metal buttons in the upper and lower slips, rated up to 10,000 psi (68.9 MPa). Proprietary high-strength composite materials ensure uniform performance and durability at temperatures up to 250° F (121° C). Interlocking castellations on the slips and end caps and a contoured interface between the slips and cones eliminate component rotation to ensure even, concentric slip expansion. With minimal metallic content—approximately 1%—PurpleSeal frac plugs consistently drill out in 8 minutes or less.


Repeat Precision’s PurpleSeal Express Frac Plugs are built 100% in-house at one of the most advanced facilities in the industry. Our Frac Plugs are assembled by experts and have the highest levels of quality control in the oil field. With no slipping downhole our Frac Plugs offer the best-in-class isolation for today’s modern frac design.