The PurpleSeal Express™

It’s compact, lightweight, pre-assembled, and disposable. No more rig-site redressing and assembly errors that cause costly soft-sets and pre-sets.

The PurpleSeal Express™ System:
Setting Tool + Frac Plug

Lightweight Frac Plugs

The exclusive PurpleSeal Express™ system streamlines frac plug installation and minimizes presets and soft-sets that cause costly delays during wireline operations. The system combines a PurpleSeal™ frac plug with a version of Diamondback Industries’ patented SS Disposable Setting Tool.® The plug and tool are pre-assembled and delivered to the well-site with connections thread-locked or torque-tightened to prevent back-off. Just remove the assembly from the shipping carton, insert a Diamondback Eliminator™ charge, install a firing head/igniter, and make the assembly up to the gun string. No shear screws or set screws to install, no connections to tighten, no oil to add. After the tool strokes to set the frac plug, it automatically releases pressure before it is retrieved. At the surface, simply remove the setting tool from the gun string and set it aside for recycling. No disassembly, no inspection, no redressing.


Our products are built in-house by experts from start to finish with the highest levels of quality control in the industry. Our Lightweight Frac Plugs can be handled by one person. Never trust your production with a plug assembled in the field. You can trust Repeat Precision to streamline your wireline process, speed completion times and reduce costly errors. We think of everything!